The medical and aesthetic consultation

In the beginning there are the questions: Do I need a rhinoplasty? Will an aesthetic or functional nose surgery will beneficial for me?

In order to answer these questions, a comprehensive consultation will be necessary. Furthermore, a consultation with your potential surgeon is good to become familiar with them. This is important in order to make sure that you and your surgeon are both in agreement that a surgery is necessary, that the desired goals are the same and that you both see the same chances in achieving these goals.

The consultation focuses on your individual complaints when it comes to nasal breathing and your wishes and desires regarding the outer form of the nose. A detailed clinical examination of the nose forms the foundation of the conversation. At the same time, digital photos from different angles are taken. With these images the mutual goals of the surgery can be simulated.

With drawings that demonstrate the complex anatomic structures of the nose, we corporately go over the elements of an individualized nose surgery. In doing that, you get a better sense and understanding of the surgery. Additionally, advantages and disadvantages, risks and possible complications that go along with the procedure of rhinoplasty are discussed.

It is my goal to convey to you a better sense and understanding of the complexity of a nose operation and to give you detailed information about the surgery that you may have not known yet. This leads to realistic expectations, which are the foundation for the most important surgical result: A happy patient.

Plastic consultation

I can gladly offer you to make a consultation appointment for your nose surgery in my plastic consultation hours. Please indicate the reason for your consultation appointment to the receptionist by using the key-word “nose surgery”.