Dr. med. Kai U. Nagel, MBA

Facharzt für Hals-, Nasen- und Ohrenheilkunde, Plastische und ästhetische Operationen im Gesicht,
Management im Gesundheitswesen

The central role of nose surgery throughout my career

At this point I can recount what led me to mono-specialize on nose surgery.

I completed my studies of medicine
at the Phillips University in Marburg in 2006. Immediately after, I got a job as a medical scientific assistant at the Otolaryngology hospital, head and neck surgery and plastic surgery clinic at the University Hospital Regensburg. 

This is where my enthusiasm for nose surgery started. The finesse, with which my former senior professor performed nose surgery, was the driving force for the development and my motivation concerning the field of nose surgery.

The main focus was on atraumatic and gentle surgical techniques. Under his guidance, I performed surgery on the inner and outer nose as an assistant doctor.

The development of facial plastic surgery
at the University Hospital in Regensburg grew rapidly in the following years. Prof. Dr. Gassner was the senior managing surgeon of the department: plastic surgery of the face. I took part in many hundreds of complex plastic surgeries, especially rhinoplasties. This was the time, when the roots of my specialization as a nose surgeon where reinforced.

The environment of the University Hospital leads to in-depth scientific studies about facial plastic surgery. The foundations of university medicine are, in order to always be up to date on current surgical techniques, continuous education and the study of old and new literature on plastic and aesthetic facial surgery.

Under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Gassner, we established one of the most successful and biggest European congresses of plastic and reconstructive facial surgery. Participants from seven continents visited us every year and participated in the courses. The names of the faculty, which are the invited teachers and lecturers in the field of plastic and aesthetic facial surgery, are internationally recognized. To this day, those acquaintances are still utterly beneficial for me.

Besides the organizational responsibilities regarding the congresses, I was engaged in lectures and courses on facial plastic surgery. Teaching does not only teach the student, but also the teacher.

The feedback from an international audience leads to the continuous critical review of one’s own actions, which ultimately leads to a constant development of one’s self.

Today, I work as a senior surgeon in the clinic for Otolaryngology, head and neck surgery in Augsburg. I am responsible for the plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic facial surgeries. Rhinoplasty and nose reconstruction are the essential components of my work.

I regularly participate in international congresses on functional and aesthetic nose surgery.  Therefore, my surgical techniques are always up to date and constantly developing.

My expertise
is also internationally demanded. Upon request, I travel to non-European countries to perform selective rhinoplasties. Paramount here is the teaching of the foreign surgeons.


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