Reconstruction of the nose

The reconstruction of parts of the nose or even of the whole nose is a complex surgical challenge. The reconstruction is necessary, if parts of the nose or even the whole nose is missing due to animal bites, accidents or a tumor disease. For affected patients, the loss of parts of the nose is not only a physical but also a severe mental shock. Of crucial importance is the restoration of a naturally appearing face, so that stigmatization can be avoided.

Because of my long-time occupation at university clinics and hospitals of maximum care I am regularly confronted with patients that need a reconstruction of the nose. The planning of the reconstruction of the nose happens individually depending the size and the depth of the defect. The surgical techniques include various plastic and reconstructive techniques. Smaller defects can be corrected by using skin-shifting or skin-rotating techniques.

Bigger defects or so-called multi-layer defects, which could have led to a loss of cartilaginous parts of the nose, make the reconstruction of the supporting scaffold of the nose necessary. In order to do this, one can use either remaining parts of the nasal septum, the ear cartilages or the rib cartilages. In case of a three-layered defect, the inner lining of the nose has to be reconstructed additionally. For this, skin transplants or mucous membrane transplants from different donating regions can be used.


I can gladly offer you to arrange an appointment in my plastic office hours to talk about the reconstruction of your nose.